Lucky Food to Eat in Chinese New Year

chinese new yearChinese people have a rich history and culture. They value the gift of family, traditions, and observe holidays the way they are meant to be celebrated. You probably have an idea of how grand Chinese people can be every new year. Aside from the decorations, they highly pay attention to the food served on the table. Here is the list of lucky food and dishes to eat in Chinese New Year.

Glutinous Rice Cake, Moon Cake, and Tang Yuan

moon cakeThe common denominator for glutinous rice cake, moon cake, and tang yuan is they are all made up of rice and sugar. These deserts are always available on online shops voucher codes just in case you don’t know how to make one. These dishes signify unity and harmony among family members. The sweetness of the cake refers to the sweet memories that they are going to make for the year.

Noodles for Long Life

When a family member is sick, Chinese people will cook noodle soup. They believe that the long strands of noodles symbolize good health and long life. They also infuse the soup with Chinese herbs known to cure diseases and eliminate toxins from the body. If you are wondering what to do in Amsterdam, go for a healthy bowl of noodle soup. Chinese soup is good for digestion and is satisfying.

Dumplings and Spring Roll

Dumpling and spring roll can be found in any Chinese restaurants’ menu. You’ll even find these dishes in Amsterdam hotels cheap. The shape of these dishes resembles Chinese gold ingots. When they serve this on the table, Chinese people view this as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

Steamed Whole White Chicken and Fish

If you notice, Chinese people don’t chop chicken and fish into pieces during Chinese New Year. It is important for them to serve these dishes as a whole. The wholeness of the fish and chicken symbolizes “togetherness of the whole family.” Chicken and fish also signify another prosperous year without lack of anything good.